Savings Account

Savings Account

Adding value to your money


A savings account is one convenient way to manage your day-to-day finances. It allows you to carry out your routine banking transactions and enjoy easy access to your money from any of our numerous branches.If you are planning to save in the short term or you are investing cash for the future, Midland Savings and Loans savings account offers the best options for you and your business..


  • ATM card use
  • The minimum amount needed to open this account is GHC 5
  • Accumulation of funds against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Savings checkbook/passbook issue


  • Safe custody of your money
  • An attractive interest rate
  • Building bulk substantial deposit
  • Easy access to loans
  • Flexible cash withdrawals terms
  • Savings / Passbook to track withdrawals and deposits which makes monitoring of accounts easier.
  • Access to numerous Bank and group ATM cash withdrawals on our numerous Bank's ATM
  • Networked branches at advantageous locations to meet all your banking needs.
  • Earn more on your money with attractive interest rates

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Taxi Loans

This product allows Taxi drivers to obtain total financing for their cars. Holders of this account needs to build the account up to a minimum balance of GHC1000 to apply for a facility.

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